About Our Company

Heritage Trading Post was founded in 2012 by Matthew Enright. The store started as an antique and collectible store that bought and sold gold silver coins and jewelry of all types. 

Now with change in customer demands the store has evolved into a luxury shop that purchases and sells firearms, gold, silver, coins, and diamonds.

What We Offer

Gold, Silver, and Junk Silver

In addition to our custom jewelry and firearms we also purchase and sell Silver Eagles, 1 ounce up to 100 ounce silver bars. Gold Bullion and Gold Coins as well as "Junk Silver" which is your 90% US coins dating from 1964 and prior.

Cash for Gold, Silver, Coin, and Diamonds in Lancaster, Ohio

Licensed Buyers

Heritage Trading Post is proud to be licensed gold and silver buyers in the Lancaster Ohio and Fairfield county region. We purchase gold and silver based on current spot pricing. Find out current gold and silver prices here!


State of the Art Diamond Equipment

We use state of the art microscopes and GIA grading charts to determine the appropriate value for diamonds. Whether you have a small or large diamond we can help you appraise or purchase all varieties.

Estate and Liquidation Purchases

We help all types of clients and every situation is different. If you have a large estate and would like help to determine the value of the estate we can help. We buy whole lots to make the liquidation process that much easier!



We sell a variety of firearms from Shotguns, Pistols, AR-15's and much more. Did you know that we also purchase firearms. If you have been looking to upgrade or just don't want firearms laying around the house anymore we can help you get the best price for your guns!